Harry Cane
Elmer Tate (Left)
Joe Romaneo (Right)
Charles Fickinger
Flood Of 1942
Flood Of 1942
Ellen Fickinger
Frances Shalkowski, Frank
Kolat & Anna Broslet
Frank Shalkowski
Rev. Robert B. Merten
Past Employees Of The Coudersport Theatre

Usher Ferdy Gunzberger, "Popcorn Joe" Nasto, organist George Wall & projectionist Frank Shalkowski

Fred Baker, Kenny Bickford, Babe DeStevens, Projectionist "Sim" Frank Kolat & Usher Corky Lehman (1938-1943)

Sold Tickets Florence Roche, Usher & Changed Marquee Jim Roche, Sold Tickets Nancy Roche & Sold Tickets Shirley Roche

Anna Broslet & Robert Hau

Ed Bez, Steve Mosch, Carol Predmore, Frances Shalkowski, Henry Sitter, Donnie Snyder & Kevin Updegraff

Carolyn Brown, Wanda Cizek, projectionist Jim Linn (fall of 1978 - summer 1980), Sam Long, Pam Phillips, Alan Shalkowski, Kara Snowman & Chuck Updegraff

Matthew Alexander, David Bryant, Pam Caldwell, Bob Chapman, Chris Cote, Joan Cote, Judy Cowburn, Alex Daniels, Gary Kelsey, Lucia McManus, Brenda Nichols, Lisa Pekarski,
Beth Porter, Marty Sherman, Amy Thompson, Dan Thompson, Steven Welsh, Willie Welsh, Brian Wilson & Michelle Wright

Angelia Androzzi, Christian Androzzi, Randa Androzzi, Carolyn Berfield, Nancy Chitester, Rachel Danielsen, Vicki Gooch,
Jen Haskins, Sue Heller, Jamie Moran, Virginia Nagel, Tracy Notaro, Mary Pierce, Colleen Ramsey, Bud Schroll, Naomi Schroll, Frank Seibert, Chris Setzer, Deanna Sherer, Bryan
Thompson & Eric Thompson

Tom Butler, Rev. Robert B. Merten, Irvin Duell, Regina Redmond & Mike Thompson

Alex Fletcher

Present Employees Of The Coudersport Theatre (Since)
Marian Butler (1999), Teresa Chisholm (1985), Vicki Johnson (2015), Deb Mancini (2015), David Rigas (2014), Todd Schoonover (1996), David Snyder (1980)
& Lisa Snyder (1989)
Memories Of The Coudersport Theatre
Joe Nasto ("Popcorn Joe") cut a hole in the auditorium wall through which he had a fan blow the smell of popcorn.
Submitted by Bob Merten

After 70 years of wear, the threadbare stage curtain of the Coudersport Theatre appeared to be hopelessly beyond repair.  But Jan Grigsby Freeman eagerly applied herself to the
task of restoration work that has proven to be wonderfully successful.  The result is evident to all.  
Submitted by Theatre Staff

During the earliest days of the Coudersport Theatre, pianist Spik Holland accompanied the silent films.  She was blind.

There have been at least three stage plays presented at the Coudersport Theatre.  Both
Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and Cinderella  featured costume designs by Dorothy
Wilkinson (secretary to Elliot Ness).  
Cinderella featured Ellen Rigas in the title role.  The last stage play to be performed at the Coudersport Theatre (1965) was The Sword ,
written and produced by Larry K. Hamilton.  It starred Larry K. Hamilton, Georgiana Olin and George Dubots.  Music director was Bob Merten.

September 16, 1992, Academy Award winner actress
Shirley Jones hosted a screening of her classic musical The Music Man (1962).

April 6, 2009

Enjoyed reading the history of the Coudersport Theatre.  Just wanted to add a little info.   Five members of my family worked at the theatre when Harry Cane was there and also
when John Rigas bought the theatre.  My brother (Jim Roche) was an usher and also changed the marquee,  my mom (Florence Roche) sold tickets part time for both Harry and
John, my sister ( Nancy Roche)and myself (Shirley Roche) took tickets for both Harry & John  and prior to that I worked for Popcorn Joe and also John in the popcorn stand.  This
was while we were in school in the mid to late 40's and early 50's.    Also, during the war, when they had the drawing on Wednesday nights, my sister, Nancy and I, got to walk
across the stage and draw the numbers for the cash prize. If my memory serves me right, we were still in grade school then.  

Not sure if this is anything you wish to add to the history, but wanted to share it with you as it was a big part of our growing up years in Coudy. After Willard  Schutt opened the Dairy
Bar, (where Frederick's now is), I worked there for the last couple years of high school, graduating in 1953.

Was great growing up in Coudy and will always have fond memories of the simple, safe and good life in a small town.  It was the best!  Thanks for keeping this history alive!

Shirley Zebracki
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Star Wars in Coudersport
From December 17, 2015 to January 14, 2016, almost 2,000 people paid to watch Star Wars, The Force Awakens at the Coudersport Theatre.  Many of
you paid to see the movie multiple times.  We had been a little apprehensive about whether a single movie, even a blockbuster like Star Wars, would
attract enough viewers to hold its own at the box office for a whole month in Coudersport.  We wanted to show the film when it was first released to the
public, so that you could watch it in Coudersport as soon as people in Los Angeles or New York;  by studio contract, the only way we could accomplish
this was by playing it for as long as we did. Fortunately, the trial worked well for everyone, and not least for Coudersport’s downtown area, enlivened as
it was by the many nightly movie-goers.  We thank you for making Star Wars’ run a success, and for supporting our efforts to maintain the Theatre as a
vital part of our community.